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    Inclusion Resources

    Physical Activity
    Physical Education
    1 - 8

    Ophea has two, free downloadable resources available to support you in delivering physical activity for children of all abilities.

    Steps to Inclusion

    Steps to Inclusion supports the belief that everyone deserves and benefits from physical activity programs based on the simple principles of inclusivity, respect and participation.

    It clearly outlines the necessary steps to achieving inclusion for children with disabilities. It was designed for teachers and community partners (e.g., sport and recreation workers, coaches and community centre staff) wishing to create an inclusive physical activity environment where all members participate fully, regardless of ability.

    Steps to Inclusion is available as a free downloadable PDF.

    Steps to Inclusion is also available in French as Étapes vers l'inclusion.

    Adapted Lesson Plans

    Ophea’s Adapted Lesson Plans support community leaders in delivering high quality, safe and inclusive physical activity instruction and programming for children and youth with disabilities.

    The Adapted Lesson Plans aid teachers, educational assistants, community coaches, recreational program leaders, program assistants and parents in confidently leading inclusive physical activity programs where everyone’s needs are met and everyone is able to participate fully and safely.

    The Adapted Lesson Plans include over 95 physical activity lessons for Grades 1-8 and are available as free downloadable PDFs.

    The Adapted Lesson Plans are also available in French as Plans de leçons adaptées.  

    Inclusion resources are funded by the Government of Ontario.

    Inclusion Resource Partners: Special Olympics Ontario, Ontario Blind Sports Association, ParaSport Ontario, the Ontario Wheelchair Sports Association, Variety Village and Thompson Educational Publishing.