Figure four displays a chart with two columns. Chart header reads “Healthy Active Living Education: Strands, Subgroup and Living Skills”
Column one describes three “Living Skills”

Column two displays four rows.

Row One header reads “Strand A: Active Living”
A1 – Active Participation

A2 – Physical Fitness

A3 – Safety

Row Two header reads “Strand B: Movement Competence: Skills, Concepts, Strategies”
B1 - Movement Skills and Concepts

B2 - Movement Strategies

Row Three is emphasized by a bold trim with header “Strand C: Healthy Living” encompassing the six Inquiry Components.
C1 - Understanding Health Concepts

C2 - Making Healthy Choices

C3 – Making Connections for Healthy Living

Row Four does not have a header. Content reads:”Expectations in the Healthy Living strand focus on the following four health topics.  Learning about mental health and emotional well-being can be a part of learning related to all of these health topics, just as it is part of learning across the curriculum.
Health topic one “Healthy Eating”
Health topic two “Personal Safety and Injury Prevention”
Health topic three “Substance Use, Addictions and Related Behaviours”
Health topic four “Human Development and Sexual Health”
End of diagram.