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    All About H&PE

    Physical Education
    Health Education
    1 - 12

    All About H&PE is a free online resource developed to support educators implement the Health and Physical Education (H&PE) curriculum (1-12).

    All About H&PE provides you with the tools needed to strengthen your understanding and knowledge of the five Fundamental Principles that underpin the H&PE curriculum. The online learning videos and poster series provide an overview as well as an in-depth look at each of the five Fundamental Principles.  These tools encourage reflection and conversation to help you apply these principles in practice.

    Student Voice: Activate the Discussion videos (elementary and secondary), feature Ontario students sharing the importance of experiencing quality instruction in a welcoming and inclusive learning environment. The accompanying Discussion Guides (elementary and secondary) helps to start the conversation about quality H&PE with parents/guardians, students, and fellow educators.

    All About H&PE is also available in French as Il s'agit d'ÉPS.