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    Fundamental Principle Resources

    The All About H&PE online learning videos and poster series provides an overview as well as an in-depth look at each of the five Fundamental Principles that underpin the H&PE curriculum.

    Start with the videos:

    • Build your knowledge— watch the Overview video as well as the 5 videos on each of the H&PE Fundamental Principles to support your own reflection and professional learning (download to view and share offline).
    • Start the conversation— share the videos with colleagues and administrators to encourage discussion and support innovative curriculum approaches and strategies.

    Next check out the posters…

    • Strengthen your understanding — download the Overview poster as well as the 5 posters on each of the H&PE Fundamental Principles for a visual representation of each Principle.
    • Print, post and share — display the posters in the staff room, school hallways, office, and in community spaces to promote healthy, active living.