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    School, Family and Community Support

    Children and youth will lead healthy, active lives when the skills they have learned through Health and Physical Education are reinforced at home, in their healthy school, and community.


    Here are a few highlights from the video that express how we are all in this together:

    “So at our school and in my classroom in particular we allow for cultural and traditional activities to be held. So for example, one time in my classroom we were learning about ways to relieve stress and how to recognize mental health challenges and I invited an elder from the community to come into our class and talk about the medicine wheel.” — Natasha Davey

    “Opening the conversation at home is so important. Their project was to understand - or come back to our class and teach a game that their parents enjoyed as a child. Having a population that’s diverse like ours, we have so many different cultural backgrounds, it was really exciting.” — Petja Taivassalo