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    Cannabis Education Resources

    Health Education
    Substance Use, Addictions, and Related Behaviours
    1 - 12

    With the legalization of cannabis fast approaching, Ophea has been conducting research and engaging with partners (including government, health organizations, school boards and public health units) to discuss coordinated school-based strategies for cannabis education in Ontario schools. Through funding from Health Canada, Ophea has initiated development of teacher-facing cannabis resources to be released in Fall 2018 (in English and French).

    Given the complexity of this topic, Ophea has chosen to focus our work on providing teachers with instructional, classroom-based resources to support the delivery of cannabis education to their students through the Health and Physical Education (H&PE) curriculum (from grades 1 -12). 

    Ophea will actively be pursuing additional external funding opportunities to enhance this work beyond its current scope and will continue to engage partners to better understand other teacher, classroom and school supports being developed in order to avoid duplication of efforts and ensure consistent, coordinated messaging and approaches across the education sector.

    If you’re interested in receiving ongoing updates on this work as Ophea moves through the development process, including opportunities for engagement, please complete the following form: