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    Clearing the Air about Cannabis: a Q&A Column

    Do you have questions about cannabis and cannabis education?

    Let’s work together to continue this conversation, build a collective understanding and bridge the gap between policy and practice to make school communities healthier, safer, and happier.

    Let us know your questions and each month we will engage the appropriate subject-matter experts to:

    • provide evidence-based research and accurate information about cannabis
    • identify connections between topics such as legalization and its implications for youth
    • share strategies for talking about cannabis within schools and classrooms

    We will post responses in eConnection, Ophea’s monthly e-newsletter. For previous issues, please visit Clearing the Air about Cannabis: a Q&A Column.

    There is no limit on the number of questions you can submit. Each question we receive will be reviewed. However, due to the volume we may not be able to answer each one.

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    Providing some demographic information will help us tailor responses to your questions and help us identify areas and types of additional support needed in different areas and settings.

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    We look forward to hearing from you!