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    Elementary Activity Plans

    Grade 5

    Factors that Affect My Healthy Choices

    Students use graphic organizers to identify personal and social factors that might influence a person’s decision to drink alcohol or use cannabis at different points in their life...

    Grade 6

    Did You Know?

    Students use a Graphic Organizer to gather information about the possible effects of cannabis use on an individual’s physical and mental health...

    What Would I Do?

    Students use the scenarios provided and a T-chart Graphic Organizer to identify factors that might influence an individual’s decisions about using drugs such as cannabis...

    Grade 7

    Cannabis Use and Health Effects

    Students use popular media as a tool to become youth advocates for educating their peers...

    Grade 8

    Cannabis and You – Making Safe Choices

    Students use a Mind Map activity to gather information about the warning signs of problematic use of substances such as cannabis and the consequences that can occur, and they apply strategies they can use to avoid dangerous situations relating to cannabis...