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    Creating Safe Inclusive Spaces

    Thumbnail of Supporting Bias-Free Progressive Discipline in Schools: A Resource Guide For School and System Leaders

    Supporting Bias-Free Progressive Discipline in Schools: A Resource Guide for School and System Leaders

    Ministry of Education and Ontario Human Rights Commission

    Resource Type: Guide

    Division: Background information only – not applicable

    This resource guide is a review for educators and administrators regarding progressive discipline. It emphasizes avoiding discrimination and fully understanding each student’s situation before taking disciplinary action.

    Thumbnail of the Approached to Teaching Healthy Living: A Guide For Secondary Educators

    Approaches to Teaching Healthy Living: A Guide for Secondary Educators


    Resource Type: Guide

    Division: Intermediate/Senior

    H&PE Curriculum Connections

    This resource for educators provides sample unit overviews covering the curriculum expectations for each grade. Educators can use the substance use expectation overviews along with the teaching tools and strategies in their own lesson planning. Please note: this resource is available to educators from school boards that have purchased access.

    Thumbnail of Youth Engagement Toolkit

    Youth Engagement Toolkit

    Pan-Canadian Joint Consortium for School Health

    Resource Type: Toolkit

    Division: Background information only – not applicable

    This toolkit is one of eight modules designed to communicate and support the implementation of youth engagement as part of comprehensive school health. It provides research and rationale for practicing youth engagement in schools, school boards and districts, government ministries, health regions, and community organizations as well as a "how-to" resource of effective practices to support youth engagement in these contexts.

    Thumbnail of the Art of Motivation Classroom Resource

    Art of Motivation

    University of Victoria (British Columbia)

    Resource Type: Classroom Resource

    Division: Intermediate

    H&PE Curriculum Connections

    This online resource is for educators helping students develop and use Living Skills to avoid drug problems and other obstacles. Prompting questions are used to engage students in conversations that keep them making progress towards their own life goals. The site provides a number of activities for educators to incorporate into their Health and Physical Education classrooms for grades 9–10. Resources include videos and lesson plans that encourage open discussions about the use of drugs while highlighting the importance of acceptance and resiliency.