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    Dove Confident Me

    Physical Education
    5 - 8

    Dove Confident Me is a free resource designed to empower students to feel confident and reach their full potential. Educating the next generation on self-esteem and body confidence, the resource encourages a positive relationship with beauty.

    Dove Confident Me supports student learning through facilitated class discussion, small group activities, video, and activity worksheets to keep students engaged.

    The resource includes:

    • Single-session workshop – a stand-alone lesson plan addressing key topics including social media, peer pressure and strategies for promoting and protecting body confidence.
    • Five-session workshop series – lesson plans breaking down appearance ideals, media messages and critical thinking, comparison making, body talk, and being the change.
    • Video and activity worksheets
    • Workshop appendices - highlighting curriculum connections to H&PE and Language.


    Dove Confident Me is also available in French as J'ai confiance.

    Dove Confident Me was developed by the Dove Self Esteem Project and is endorsed and promoted by Ophea.