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    HIV Background Info

    The Ontario Curriculum includes learning expectations that prepare children and youth for a world in which HIV and AIDS continue to be a reality. The HIV and AIDS Online School Support Kit supports teachers and school administrators in the development of lessons and instructional strategies that will help students fulfill the expectations related to age-appropriate HIV education in the Ontario curriculum. The HIV and AIDS Online School Support Kit brings together evidence-based information, best practice strategies, and a myriad of existing free HIV-related resources and tools to help schools deliver age-appropriate HIV education and create supportive environments for students who are living with, affected by, and vulnerable to HIV and AIDS.

    While the HIV and AIDS Online School Support Kit was developed with teachers and school administrators in mind, it is relevant to everyone who wants to learn about and better prepare children and youth to make healthy, responsible, and compassionate decisions in a world with HIV and AIDS.

    The HIV and AIDS Online School Support Kit includes information and resources to help teachers, school administrators, and others who are new to age-appropriate HIV education and related topics, as well as those who are well versed in this area. It can be used to build a comprehensive understanding of this area or as a quick reference guide.

    The HIV and AIDS Online School Support Kit includes the following:

    • HIV Background Information: Learn the basics about HIV and AIDS, the HIV epidemic in Ontario, and key topics. Topics include how the HIV virus is passed between people and how transmission can be prevented, how HIV affects the human body, how HIV is treated, how HIV affects children and youth, HIV stigma and discrimination, HIV and the criminal law, and HIV epidemiology in Ontario.
    • Ontario Schools in the HIV Response: Learn how Ontario schools can participate in the HIV response; the roles and responsibilities of teachers, school administrators, parents, and community partners; and strategies for overcoming barriers to school involvement in the HIV response.
    • Teaching about HIV and AIDS: Learn about specific links between the Ontario Curriculum and topics required for effective age-appropriate HIV education; acquire tips for teaching about HIV and related topics, for dealing with topics that may be challenging or sensitive, and for meeting the unique needs of specific groups of youth. Access existing activities and teaching materials to develop lesson plans and websites to link students and families to further information and services.
    • Glossary: Learn about the terms used in the HIV and AIDS Online School Support Kit. Key words and concepts are explained as they come up throughout the resource.
    • Resources: See the complete list of resources and referrals featured in the HIV and AIDS Online School Support Kit.

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