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    Teaching About HIV and AIDS in Schools

    Some teachers may find it difficult to educate about HIV and AIDS because of its connection to potentially challenging topics such as sexuality, substance use, poverty, and gender-based violence, as well as the potential difficulties relating to family, religious, or cultural values.

    This section of the HIV and AIDS Online School Support Kit is intended to help teachers build the comfort, knowledge, and skills they need to provide their students with age-appropriate HIV education. This includes help to:

    The instructional belief underpinning the information in this section is that equipping young people to make informed decisions about sexual health requires an integrated approach that includes knowledge and living skills and is built over time. HIV education begins in the primary and junior years with learning that is not specific to HIV but rather acts as “building blocks” for the introduction of content and living skills in the intermediate and secondary years that are more explicitly related to sexuality and sexual health.