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    Inquiry-Based Learning

    Physical Education
    Health Education
    1 - 12

    Inquiry-Based Learning in Health and Physical Education is a free online resource guide for educators supporting the implementation of the Health and Physical Education Curriculum, Grades 1-12.

    Inquiry–based learning is a student-centered learning approach supporting students in developing critical and creative thinking, personal and interpersonal living skills in health and physical education.

    This resource supports elementary and secondary educators in exploring the use of inquiry–based approaches in health and physical education.

    This resource includes:

    • Inquiry-Based Learning (IBL) in H&PE Videos – featuring elementary and secondary teachers and students in-action applying IBL within H&PE, demonstrating practical examples, and speaking to effective real-life classroom implementation.
    • An educators guide - providing an overview of the IBL learning approach
    • Sample plans and implementation tools – ready-to-use and available to download

    This resource is also available in French as L'apprentissage fondé sur l'enquête en ÉPS.