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    Secondary Instructional Dance Videos

    These videos include the demonstration of 2 dance lessons.

    Here are a few tips to keep in mind when teaching dance:

    • Keep it SIMPLE. Use very easy steps that are age and ability appropriate.
    • Music should be current or familiar. Make sure that music is age appropriate and free from inappropriate messages and language.
    • Unless you have a room with mirrors accessible to you, we suggest facing the students while teaching and have them mirror you wherever possible.
    • When planning your unit, consider beginning with scattered dances or dances that do not involve “hand touches” until students are comfortable with the concepts and each other.
    • At or near the end of the unit, allow students to apply the concepts and skills that they have been taught by making up their own dances and teaching those dances to others as well.
    • And don’t talk too much! Let the students learn through moving.

    When teaching dance it is important to follow the Ontario Physical Activity Safety Standards in Education as well as your school board safety guidelines.

    On that note, download the lesson plans, watch the classroom demonstrations and get ready to dance!

    Creative Movement

    Download the Creative Movement Lesson Plan
    Download the Anecdotal Recording Chart
    Download the Creative Movement Dance Video

    Choreographed Dance

    Download the Choreographed Dance lesson plan
    Download the Anecdotal Recording Chart
    Download the Choreographed Dance Video