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    Grade 5

    As children become more independent and more responsible for their own safety, they learn the skills for assessing risk, responding to dangerous situations online, and protecting themselves from a variety of social dangers including bullying, abuse, violence, and other risks associated with technology. Children continue to learn about healthy relationships including how to behave inclusively, responsibly, and respectfully with others online. Children also learn about the factors that contribute to their physical and mental health and the importance of maintaining a healthy balance between engaging in technology and participating in daily activities to enhance their wellness.1

    In Grade 5, children learn to:

    • describe different types of hurtful comments that might occur online and their effects on ourselves and others;
    • explain how a person's actions online can affect their and others' feelings, thoughts, mental health and reputation;
    • identify trusted people and services who can help someone who is dealing with harmful behaviours online; and
    • use coping and conflict resolution skills to decide on strategies to support an individual who is experiencing cyberbullying or other threatening situations online.

    Together (caregiver and child), watch the video Power of Positive Responses – Supporting Others Online, and then use the Conversation Starter Questions and Themes to Reinforce the Learning from the discussion guide to facilitate a conversation. The Conversation Starter Questions and Themes to Reinforce the Learning can also be used to start a conversation without watching the video.


    Description: One character is getting random inappropriate comments from someone whenever they go online. They have also been asked to send an inappropriate picture of themselves. They have been trying to delete and block the messages, but they keep appearing. The person sending the messages has indicated that they know where the character lives. The character has confided in their friend and now their friend must decide what they should do to support their friend and help them deal with this hurtful situation.

    Discussion Guide

    The discussion guide includes Conversation Starter Questions and Themes to Reinforce the Learning that may be used alone or in combination to promote dialogue about Internet safety with your family. Using these tools to talk to your child will help them:

    • understand how to engage respectfully and responsibly with others while staying safe when online;
    • recognize potentially unsafe situations; and
    • make informed decisions when dealing with situations when they do not feel safe.

    Grade 5 Discussion Guide (PDF)

    1Excerpted from The Ontario Curriculum Grades 1–8, Health and Physical Education, 2019, p. 155–156