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    Balance (Stork Stand)

    A balance on one-foot with the sole of the non-supporting foot placed against the calf or thigh of the supporting leg.

    Balance (Stork Stand)
    • Keep the head up and focus on a stationary object for balance
    • With the back straight, shift the weight slightly to the support leg
    • Raise the arms to the side for balance
    • Raise the non-support leg and place the foot on the calf or thigh of the support leg with the knee bent and pointed out to the side
    • Hold
    I can also...
    • participate in gymnastics
    • perform yoga balances
    • participate in figure skating
    Self Check Questions:
    • Can I keep my balance by focusing on a stationary object and extending my arms to the side?
    • Can I balance on either my right leg or my left leg?
    • Can I place my foot on the calf or the thigh of my support leg?