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    Kick (Strike with Feet)

    Delivering force to a stationary or moving object with the foot.

    Kick (Strike with Feet)
    • Stand behind the ball
    • Step forward with non-kicking foot and plant it beside the ball
    • Swing kicking leg backwards with knee bent
    • Swing leg freely from hip and follow through swiftly
    • Contact ball with instep or shoelaces just below centre of the ball
    • Follow through towards the target
    • Use arms to maintain balance
    I can also...
    • punt a football
    • use a "give and go" in soccer
    • play sepak takraw
    Self Check Questions:
    • Does my leg swing like a pendulum from backswing, through impact, to follow through?
    • Is my leg bent when I strike the ball and extended when I follow through?
    • Do I use my arms for balance?