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    Overhand Throw

    Propelling an object forward using an overhand movement.

    Overhand Throw
    • Stand with feet apart, facing sideways with weight on back foot. Hold ball with fingers
    • Throwing arm lengthens down and back behind body
    • Eyes remain on target
    • Foot opposite to the throwing hand is forward. Rotate body to face target, transferring weight onto the front foot. Straighten throwing arm
    • Keep ball above ear level
    • Point throwing hand towards target
    • Release ball slightly above and in front of head
    • Throwing arm follows through down and across the body
    I can also...
    • throw a football
    • throw a foam javelin
    • overhand strike a beach ball
    Self Check Questions:
    • Is the foot opposite to my throwing arm forward?
    • Is my body turned sideways to the target as I prepare to throw?
    • Do I follow through with my throwing arm across my body?
    • Do I look at my target when I release the object?
    • Can I follow a moving target and adjust my throw accordingly?