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    Net/Wall Activities

    Activities which involve sending an object over a net or towards a wall in a way that makes it difficult for the opponent to return the object and/or it lands within the playing area.

    Net/Wall Activities
    progression of

    Aim and accuracy (offensive)

    Sends and aims for accuracy towards an open space

    moderately complex

    Defending space (defensive)

    Defends space by assuming ready position and by covering as much space as possible


    Win the point (offensive)

    Can apply force, spin, fakes, etc. in shot selection to win the point

    living skills connections:
    • How can receiving feedback on skill execution help improve your performance?
    • How might communication with your teammates increase effectiveness in net/wall activities?
    • How did this game challenge you to apply critical thinking skills?
    these strategies transfer to:
    • playing wheelchair tennis
    • playing squash
    • playing jai alai
    tactical awareness:
    • Why is it important to use different types of shots?
    • Where should you aim to reduce your opponent’s chances of making a return play?
    • How does assuming a ready position help increase effectiveness of play?