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    Ontario Physical Education Safety Guidelines

    Personal Safety and Injury Prevention
    K - 12

    The Ontario Physical Education Safety Guidelines, managed by Ophea, represent the minimum standards for risk management for school boards.

    The Safety Guidelines are updated on an annual basis. Visit safety.ophea.net for the September 2018/2019 version and revision summary.

    The Safety Guidelines are divided into Elementary and Secondary levels, each containing three separate modules:

    • Curricular – physical education program
    • Interschool – competitive programs (practices and competitions)
    • Intramurals – physical activity/recreation activities

    The Safety Guidelines include concussion protocols to help prevent and identify suspected concussions and manage a student’s safe return to learning and physical activity.

    The Ontario Physical Education Safety Guidelines are also available in French as Lignes directrices sur la sécurité en éducation physique de l'Ontario.

    To view this resource visit safety.ophea.net

    The Safety Guidelines are managed by Ophea and are funded by the Government of Ontario.