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    September 25th is #RowansLawDay and at [name of school], we’ll be sharing Rowan’s story and teaching our students and staff to identify the signs and symptoms of concussion. Get your school involved too! FREE resources provided in this Toolkit from @OpheaCanada!

    It’s ROWAN’S LAW DAY and at [add school name] we’re learning about the signs and symptoms of concussion using the tools in this FREE Toolkit @OpheaCanada. Join the conversation and let’s keep kids safe #RowansLawDay

    We’re making sure staff, students and parents/guardians know the signs and symptoms of concussion #HitStopSit and we’re marking #RowansLawDay and remembering Rowan Stringer by wearing purple, her favorite colour.

    We’re teaching staff and students that concussions aren’t always obvious. Signs and symptoms can take hours or even days to appear. It’s important to SPEAK UP about a bump to the head. #HitStopSit Check out @OpheaCanada’s Concussion Protocol and Tools: #RowansLawDay

    It’s not just coaches that need to know the signs and symptoms of concussions… because it’s not just athletes who are at risk. We all are. We like this video, Concussions 101 by Dr. Mike Evans (available in English), and encourage everyone to view it: #RowansLawDay

    Have you ever had a concussion? Share your experience to raise awareness and encourage others to SPEAK UP about and GET HELP for head injuries. @ParachuteCanada has some great resources that explain what a concussion is, as well as the signs and symptoms: #RowansLawDay

    Do you play sports? Share a pic of your team! Whether you’re 2 or 92, we hope your team will pledge to keep each other safe and to know the signs and symptoms of concussion. Learn more and take the pledge here: [post with team pic] #TeamUpSpeakUp

    Parents/guardians! Know the signs and symptoms of concussion whether your child plays sports or not: #RowansLawDay #HitStopSit

    Rowan Stringer loved rugby and was captain of her high school’s team. She died after multiple concussions went unreported. ROWANS LAW will help ensure that signs and symptoms of concussion are more readily identified in athletes and non-athletes of all ages.