Let’s Get Social! | Ophea Teaching Tools

    Let’s Get Social!

    Learning about concussion awareness is the first step to helping others. Once you’ve reviewed the tools in this Toolkit, please share them with:

    • Other educators
    • Health and safety contacts
    • School/parent council members
    • Physical education professionals
    • Coaches
    • Parents/guardians
    • School trustees
    • Websites and chat groups geared to physical educators

    You can also make use of the ready-to-use posts and social media templates for Twitter and Facebook included in this Toolkit. Here are a few tips to give your posts more impact:

    • Social media posts generate more interest when there’s a strong visual element to them. Be sure to add a photo to your posts whenever possible
    • When posting to Facebook, you can tag @OpheaCanada
    • When posting to Twitter you can tag @OpheaCanada
    • When posting, consider asking your audience a question to encourage interaction (comments, sharing, liking) with your posts
    • Use scheduling tools to pre-schedule your tweets and Facebook posts if this is easier
    • Be sure to get some photos of your school community marking #RowansLawDay so that you’ll have lots to share when posting (ensure that you have permission to post images of students)