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    Social and Emotional Learning Supports (SELS)

    Social Emotional Learning
    1 - 8

    Social and Emotional Learning Supports (SELS) is a free online resource developed to support educators in implementing Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) in connection with the Ontario curriculum (Grades 1-8).

    SELS provides you with the tools needed to strengthen your understanding and knowledge of SEL underpinning the Health & Physical Education (HPE) curriculum. The videos, available in French only, provide an overview of SEL at a school board, school, and classroom level. The videos provide on the ground strategies for expectations at the primary, junior, and intermediate levels. These tools encourage understanding and reflection to help you apply these principles in practice. The Resources provide you with links to evidence-informed SEL resources to influence and inform the day-to-day practice in your classroom.

    Please note: The videos are available in French only however, the resources are available in English